Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Is Going On?

I have not posted on this blog in awhile, and you probably have not been wondering what is going on, which is exactly the reason I am writing this. Nothing has been going on.

You may say that is impossible because even if you are doing nothing, you are, indeed, doing something. To which I would reply, "Yes, you are correct, but I am weird. Therefore, I am doing nothing." I can do nothing as a result of my weirdness.

Weirdness is the power of being different. Differences can be good, and being able to do nothing has its advantages (being just plain cool for one). For example, this blog post is actually amounts to nothing. This means as I wrote this blog post, I was not doing something—I was doing nothing!

Think about it, have you actually gained something from this post? You may say, "Yes, that you are weird!" I would agree with that, but that weirdness power is just been seen through my ability to do nothing. So yeah.