Friday, May 16, 2008

Second entry!

As you can see, I am not one for titles or for daily blogs for that matter. Oh well... Anyway, I just moved my site to a different server and it went very smooth! Now I can focus on updating content and design. My new host has given me more services for a cheaper price, and email that actually works (my previous host was giving me trouble with my email).

Now if you read this far, I am really impressed, because I almost just stopped typing as I was boring myself. So........ummmmmmm something interesting.

Oh yes, something weird, my thoughts have been confirmed about movie critics—that they are called critics because they criticize movies! Pretty astounding wouldn't you say? Take for example, Speed Racer—I loved this movie, but the majority of the critics hated it. The critics told me that I probably wouldn't like it either, and that Iron Man was better. Nope, I liked Speed Racer better, but that is my personal opinion, which means, you still may like Iron Man better. Critics have personal opinions too, which is why I don't blindly take their word for it before I have actually seen it for myself. I liked Speed Racer better because I thought it had a better story, better special effects, and a weird style. It was different, but the critics seem to know the way it should be done: "the best way (i.e. NORMAL way) way to do it would be to...". So yes, I thought Speed Racer was weird in a good way.

If that wasn't interesting, then you probably aren't even reading this far, so I won't bother saying anything more on this sentence. For the rest that did read this far, thank you and don't hesitate to leave comments about what you thought of the movies!

More to come sometime, which could be awhile or not, it's hard to tell.


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