Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random blog entry before bedtime...

So I really don't have much to say or anything intelligent to offer considering I am doing this just for pure randomness before my bedtime. Well, not really bedtime, but it is getting close. I actually don't have a bedtime! I am considered an adult, but that doesn't mean adults don't have bedtimes. Hmmm, I wonder what the definition of bedtime is: "the time at which a person usually goes to bed: It's past my bedtime?" ( Wow, I was right, because "a person" can mean an adult or child. No, I am not going to look up person in the dictionary.

This begs the question, not really, does everyone have a bedtime? Did I lie when I said, "I actually don't have a bedtime"? Not necessarily, if I went to bed at different times every night out of pure randomness, then I wouldn't really have a usual bedtime.

This begs another question, I bet I don't receive any money for this begging, should everyone have a bedtime? In a word, no. Why? Because of the word weird. Oh yes, I am tying this blog entry, whatever it is, back into the word weird. If I had a bedtime I normally went to bed, then that wouldn't be weird! And weird is always good, right (the answer to this question is another blog post)? Well, unfortunately, because of the normality of the world creeping in, I end up having normal bedtimes (sigh). I work at a specific time. My normal body needs a certain amount of sleep in order to function well at for work. Therefore, I need to go to bed before a certain time, otherwise, my work isn't work.

Does the answer to the second question answer my first? Kind of. Except for the occasionally weird person, most everyone ends up having a bedtime at a certain time because of the normality of the world, so in a sense, I did lie when I typed...well, you know what I typed..., but it wasn't lie because I was thinking in the sense of my other self that is disconnected from the normality of the world, but that self doesn't get to come out much (no, I am not crazy, I was typing figuratively).

Just think, I bet in Heaven, there are no bedtimes! Now that will be a good weird.


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