Saturday, July 5, 2008

Do flies have throats?

So there I was, sitting on my deck minding my own business, but that didn't last long as I noticed flies all around. I wouldn't mind if their location didn't equal my location (or close proximity thereof). It was enough to get my fly swatter out and kill nine. Actually, that isn't a lot compared to last year: when one day, I killed sixty-one flies! Since I starting counting my fly killing adventures, I would estimate I have killed about eighty flies (the other ten I killed randomly when their location was inside the house).

Just so we are clear, I didn't make their remains into pies and sell them to the public. I left most of them outside for the birds. Also, I didn't just kill them just because, I had a reason: they were going to blackmail me... I mean, they have bacteria on their bodies and when they are stupid enough to come close enough to my proximity, I kill them; not just for my sake, but for everyone's sake.

So yeah, today, I am going to be a fireworks technician (or whatever you call it), so if I do not write anymore blogs, you will probably know why. Speaking of future, unwritten blogs, I have had so many ideas for blogs, but I forget about them when I actually sit down to write one—if I ever remember any of them as I am sitting down to write, I may actually write it down. It may seem entirely out of context...well nevermind, moving on to the end. Goodbye. Been nice/terrible to know or not know you depending on who you are (sarcastic tone—if written words can have one).